Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend festivities

Jenny and I will be attending the Route 66 Cork & Tap festival in Albuquerque this Saturday. It's from 2-10:30, and I suspect we're most likely to be there from about 2:15 to 10:27. If you would like to join us -- or if you want a chance to sample ten different local brews just for the cost of entry -- the event promises to be quite a showcase.

If you know you're attending, feel free to email us your phone number! We'd love to hear your take on beer, for a change. And if you're extra lucky, you'll be present for some impromptu-snarking, courtesy of us.

(And if you're extra extra lucky, you'll become a backer for Sláinte! We would love you forever for it! We'll hug you and everything, without even being intoxicated!)

If you do go, please drive safely. Or even better, arrange for a designated driver or other safe way home. We want our readership to grow, not the other way around.

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